Celebrate our 30th Issue

We started on-line in 2000, launched a magazine in 2006 and we are still going strong.

Kakadu Plum (Gubinge)

We look at this indigenous superfood and how it is being used.


What is it and what does it do for you.

Dessert Beers

It's been a thing for a while but now they are good.

WA's Booming Distilleries

We look at the new excise tax on spirits and make a list of who is making it in WA.

Adam Liaw

An inside look at the Masterchef contestant that has gone on to be a regular on SBS.

Sourcing Coffee Beans

Why are some coffees better than others. Does it come down to how the green beans are sourced?

Issue #28 out now!

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Celebrating over 15 years of food publishing.

Hello and welcome to Menu Magazine. A bi-annual publication, that provides the ultimate guide to wining and dining in Western Australia. Created for those with a passion for eating and drinking. Every issue, we write about restaurants, cafes, coffee, beer, wine and tell you what is happening in WA’s world of food. We also have food reviews, product reviews, entertainment, competitions and much more. Don’t risk missing out on this exciting publication.

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